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Vote YES for Proposal 2

Voters have an opportunity in this election to put key voting rights directly in the Michigan Constitution. Proposal 2 will enhance the fairness and integrity of our elections and protect the ability of every eligible Michigan voter to be heard, regardless of party. Six hundred and sixty-nine thousand signatures were obtained and submitted to the Bureau of Elections to place Prop 2 on the ballot. Proposal 2 provides the following specific voting rights: · Nine days of early in-person voting, which provides additional flexibility and makes the voting process more accessible. · Voter verification with either photo ID or by signing an affidavit attesting to the voter’s identity · The right to submit a single application to vote absentee in all elections · Requirement that military and overseas ballots be counted if postmarked by Election Day · Requirement for placement of state funded drop boxes for every 15,000 voters in a municipality · Requirement for state-funded postage for absentee applications and ballots · Establishment of a rule that only state and local officials can conduct post-election audits · Requirement that canvass boards certify election results based only on official records of votes cast · Permission for public sources and charities to help fund elections, subject to disclosure rules I urge everyone to vote “Yes” on Prop 2 (Promote the Vote) in the upcoming election. Let’s make voting easier and fairer! Ken Peterson Buchanan


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