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Michigan is moving forward under Democratic leadership

Starting in January, 2023, Michigan has had a Democratic-majority legislature (both the senate and the house) and a Democratic governor. In less than a year, much has been accomplished:

  • The state tax on pensions has been eliminated. This action reduces the tax burden on Michigan retirees.

  • The state Earned Income Tax credit has been increased from 6% to 30% of the federal level. As a result, state taxes will be reduced for individuals and families earning less than $65,000 a year

  • Workers have been supported by the repeal of the deceptively-labeled “right to work” law, which allowed non-union members to benefit from union contracts without either joining the union or paying a fee to the union for negotiating on their behalf.

  • The oppressive 1931 anti-abortion bill, which contained no exceptions for rape or incest, has been repealed.

  • A series of common-sense gun violence prevention laws have been passed. These laws provide expanded background checks, safe storage of firearms, and a red flag law to protect against gun violence by individuals who pose an immediate threat.

  • The Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act has been expanded to include lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals

  • New laws have been passed to prevent sexual assault

State Representative Joey Andrews, who represents District 38 in Southwest Michigan, has been a strong advocate for these important accomplishments. He has worked tirelessly to support working families, reduce taxes for middle and lower income Michiganders, oppose Republican assaults on women’s reproductive health care, support life-affirming gun violence prevention measures, expand civil rights protections for all vulnerable groups, and eliminate sexual assault.

Much has been accomplished so far in 2023, but much remains to be done. For the Fall legislative session, Democratic legislators will be pursuing a variety of important additional objectives, including: reducing the cost of prescription drugs; enhancing women’s reproductive freedom; providing for paid family and medical leave; supporting small businesses to enable them to offer paid family and medical leave; improving energy efficiency programs; codifying the essential elements of the Affordable Care Act into Michigan law; improving election security; and streamlining the permitting process for advanced manufacturing, infrastructure, and housing in order to continue enhancing the growth of Michigan’s economy.

Please contact your state senator and representative and urge them to support legislation to turn these remaining objectives into Michigan laws.

Larry Feldman



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