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Republican Fake Electors Fraud

Published in the HP Newspaper in August

Dear Editor,

You recently published a letter in support of a Republican Party elector who somehow didn’t understand that the fraud in which that person participated after the 2020 United States Presidential Election WAS actually fraud.

As one of the millions of Michiganians who voted for the Biden/Harris ticket, that fraud was perpetrated against my vote and the votes of millions of other voters.

I submit that this elector knew full well what was being perpetrated due to the strict Electoral College rules in Michigan. Being an elector in Michigan is an honor bestowed upon each party’s most active members. In Michigan, whichever presidential candidate wins the popular vote in the state receives all votes by the electors. This is the rule every elector is required to honor. The Board of Canvassers then follows by certifying the votes of the electors.

Since Joe Biden won in Michigan by over fourteen times the margin that Trump held over Clinton, there should have been no question but to continue to honor the vote, particularly by someone experienced in the Republican party.

Yet the Republican electors continued to disrupt the legal proceedings afforded our right to vote in Michigan, continuing to the January 6th insurrection and beyond. Even after repeated failed efforts to utilize the legal avenues available to them in the courts, they chose to use a fraudulent route to attempt to reverse the loss of their favored candidate.

If the elector mentioned in the prior letter was so confused by the proper procedures, perhaps consideration should be given by that person to support a National Popular Vote initiative and allow the President and Vice President to be chosen by the well-informed electorate of modern times.

Cynthia Miller

Benton Harbor


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