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Whitmer is a Champion for All Michiganders

Larry Feldman, Letter to the Editor, 06/30/2022

MI Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Picture from


Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been an inspiring and effective leader during a very challenging time. In her first term in office Michigan’s economy has grown at a record pace, hundreds of thousands of jobs have been created, new workforce development programs have been initiated, a tax cut for small businesses has been implemented, an office of rural development has been created to foster economic development in rural areas, prevailing wages have been re-instated for state construction projects, important advances have been made in the development of electric vehicle construction and provision of high-speed internet to all areas of the state, and the Michigan budget now has a $7 billion surplus.

Other major accomplishments in the governor’s first term include: fixing more than 1200 bridges and more than 16,000 lane miles of roads, launching the Michigan Infrastructure Office to coordinate infrastructure projects, eliminating waiting lists for the Great Start Readiness Program so that every child can participate in a high-quality preschool program, and closing the funding gap between schools so that every school district has the same baseline funding.

Governor Whitmer has been a courageous and effective leader during the COVID-19 pandemic. She has followed the advice of infectious disease experts and effectively promoted public health measures. Under her leadership free testing, treatment, and vaccination have been made available to all Michiganders.

Reducing crime has been a major priority of the Whitmer administration. The governor has proposed a variety of crime-reducing initiatives, including Michigan Safe Communities, a $75 million dollar program to expand resources for law enforcement and invest in jobs programs, counseling, and education.

Governor Whitmer is up for re-election in November. She has proven herself to be an effective champion for all Michiganders and clearly has earned our votes for a second term in office.

Larry Feldman



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