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Attorney General Dana Nessel doing a great job for Michigan

MI Attorney General Dana Nessel, Picture from


Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is a champion for Michigan residents. Since taking office in 2019, she has actively fought to:

  • Protect Michiganders from unscrupulous business practices, unfair utility rate hikes, auto insurance fraud, and payroll fraud.

  • Protect the Great Lakes and ensure that Michigan has clean air, water, and energy.

  • Combat prescription drug addiction

  • Stop the rise in crimes against senior citizens

  • Bring justice to the victims of the Flint water crisis

  • Investigate and prosecute all forms of physical and sexual abuse

  • Protect Michigan children, adolescents, and adults from gun violence

Dana Nessel has received numerous awards for her work protecting the rights of Michigan residents, both before and after being elected Attorney General. These awards include a “Champion of Justice” award from the Michigan Bar Association, a “Woman of the Year” award from Michigan Lawyers Weekly, and a “Public Official of the Year” award from the Michigan League of Conservation Voters.

The Republican candidate who is running against Attorney General Nessel is a lawyer who has a long record of unethical, and possibly illegal, practices. He was fired from a law firm in 2005 after his colleagues accused him of “padding” client billings for his own personal and professional benefit. In a 2006 legal filing, his former firm stated that he committed “fraud, deceit, and dishonesty…”. In 2016, a request was filed with the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission asking for an investigation of the lawyer after he was accused of legal malpractice. Most recently, he filed a failed lawsuit challenging the 2020 election results in Antrim County. His actions in that case prompted criticism from a Republican-led Michigan Senate panel that accused him of making false claims for personal profit.

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