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Christian nationalism is a danger to our democracy

The Republican Party, with the support of the Heritage Foundation, is promoting the concept of establishing a system of government in which Christianity would be the official religion of our nation. They maintain that our government was in fact established by Christians and that the notion of separation of religion from the state was never valid.

Here is what needs to be pointed out:

North America was colonized by individuals, mostly Christian protestants, from Holland, Spain, Portugal, and England, going as far back as the 15th Century.  These Christians were strong with the idea that everybody had to be of the same faith. People were persecuted, even killed, over these religious issues. Catholics were barred from voting in 5 American colonies and Jews in 4.

By the 18th century, the founding fathers believed that these religious issues should be private matters.  The constitution confirmed this idea with the 1st amendment, which states that congress can make no laws establishing a religion.  The new country had enough of persecuting non-conformist religious people and was horrified by the wars in Europe motivated by religion.

Now, in 2024, along comes Mike Johnson, the Speaker of the House, who rejects our constitution and makes no apologies for supporting Christian Nationalism. He is joined by many other Republicans.

I would like to point out that the United States has citizens who practice nearly every religion,  and that within Christianity, there are many different religious points of view. However, we now have what is called the Evangelical Non-denominational Christians, which seems to be the religious group that is most likely to endorse Christian Nationalism. In fact, they are more likely not promoting the work of Jesus Christ but more the idea of absolute power and control. They should be identified as radical extremists..

Politically, these extremists are mostly Republicans.  If you are opposed to this form of thinking, it would be wise to vote for Democrats, who are more likely to reject this form of radical, unconstitutional belief. Republicans, when push comes to shove, are much more inclined to embrace this thinking, and then put it into action. The result is making things like abortion, birth control, gay rights, and a host of medical practices illegal.  Republicans, even moderates, are more likely to support things like book bans and other harmful behavior.


Our founders recognized the need to respect all religions, and the dangers of establishing an official national religion. Please remember this when you cast your votes in the upcoming elections.                                                                                                                                     

Kenneth J. Orlich

St. Joseph


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