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Letter to the Editor: Republican Leaders are Promoting Dishonesty, Lawlessness, and Violence

Larry Feldman, Letter to the Editor, 02/14/2022


Republican leaders, with very few exceptions, have embraced dishonesty, lawlessness, and violence.

Donald Trump, the loser in the last presidential election, lies repeatedly about the result, falsely claiming that the election was “stolen” from him. Numerous courts, including the Supreme Court, have found no merit in these false claims.

Trump also lies about the January 6th, 2021, violent assault on the capitol, claiming that his supporters who assaulted our democracy that day are being treated “unfairly” by the courts, and saying that if elected in 2024 he will consider pardons for the violent insurrectionists.

The Republican National Committee recently passed a resolution falsely claiming that those who attacked the capitol on January 6th were engaging in “legitimate political discourse.”

Here in Michigan, a Republican candidate for governor told a crowd of Republican election volunteers that if they see something they don’t like happening with a voting machine, they should commit the crime of unplugging the machine from the wall. A Republican candidate for State Senate urged the volunteers to “show up armed” on election day to “protect” Republican election observers. He also urged his Republican followers to be prepared to “lock and load”.

Republican leaders and their supporters, including many in Michigan, have become a clear and present threat to our democracy. Encouraging illegal behavior, urging people to bring guns to polling places to intimidate election workers, labeling the violent January 6th mob as participating in “legitimate political discourse”, and threatening to pardon the violent insurrectionists who attacked the capitol - these are not the actions of a legitimate political party, they are the actions of authoritarian despots and their accomplices.

What can be done about the Republican threat to our democracy? First, we can speak out against those who promote dishonesty, lawlessness, and violence. Second, we can turn out and vote for candidates who tell the truth and promote democratic values, including the integrity of our elections and the peaceful transfer of power. And third, we can refuse to vote for any candidate who supports the big lie about the 2020 election or who promotes any form of violent interference with our democratic process.

Larry Feldman



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