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Republican Candidates are Dangerous Far-right Extremists

Larry Feldman, Letter to the Editor, 09/08/2022


The Michigan Republican Party has nominated a trio of dangerous far-right extremists for the offices of Governor, Attorney General, and Secretary of State.

All of these Republican nominees are fervent supporters of Donald Trump’s thoroughly debunked lie that he lost the 2020 election because of widespread voter fraud. They have all been endorsed by Trump, and have promised that if elected they would institute changes in Michigan’s election system that would make it easier for him to reverse the election results if he were to run and lose again in 2024.

These candidates are also fervent supporters of depriving women of the right to choose whether or not to carry a pregnancy to term, even when the woman has been the victim of rape or incest. One of them, the Republican Attorney General nominee, has stated that he would oppose abortion even if it was necessary in order to save the life of the mother.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s Republican opponent is a far-right political commentator who previously worked in her father’s failed steel company and was a featured performer in a series of sexually explicit and extremely violent movies.

Attorney General Dana Nessel’s Republican opponent is a private attorney who was fired from his law firm in 2005 for allegedly committing “fraud, deceit, and dishonesty.” Currently, he is being investigated by the Michigan State police for allegedly being involved in an illegal scheme to seize and tamper with voting machines.

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s Republican opponent has claimed that anyone who favors free choice in regard to abortion is possessed by “satanic demons.” She has also described herself as an “anti-vaxer”, a staunch opponent of vaccines.

All of these Republican candidates are dangerous threats to our democracy.

Larry Feldman



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