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Trump and his enablers are grave threats to our democracy

Donald Trump has been found liable for sexual assault and defamation in civil court. He has been indicted on 91 criminal charges, many of which are related to his persistent lies about the 2020 election and his anti-democratic campaign to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. He has stated that if re-elected as our country’s president he will function as a dictator. He has repeatedly expressed admiration for current dictators like Vladimir Putin and has echoed the words of past dictator Adolph Hitler. 


While in office, Trump’s properties received millions of dollars in payments from foreign governments or government-controlled entities. These payments came from China, Saudi Arabia, and many other countries. Such payments are specifically prohibited by the U.S. constitution, which forbids any president from accepting a “fee or profit as a compensation for services” from any foreign state without the consent of Congress. Trump received no such consent.  


Despite all of these immoral, illegal, corrupt and dangerous actions, Trump remains the leader of the Republican party. Sadly, his lies are supported by many Republican politicians and many Republican voters. Trump, like Hitler, has repeated his lies so often that many individuals have come to believe them.  


A majority of Republican politicians are afraid to criticize Trump for fear of alienating his base of “true believers.” Many of these politicians publicly support the false narrative he has created.  


Trump and his enablers are a serious threat to American democracy.  We the people need to use our votes to prevent this corrupt, authoritarian individual from ever again being elected to the highest office in our land. We also need to prevent his enablers from being elected by refusing to vote for anyone who supports his dangerous lies and distortions. 


Larry Feldman 



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