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Brad Paquette is a threat to our democracy

Vote for Naomi Ludman for the 37th

American democracy is under steady attack from extreme right-wing politicians. One such politician is Michigan State Representative Brad Paquette, who is running for election in the newly-configured 37th district.

In a letter I wrote that was published in the 12/14/2020 edition of the Herald-Palladium, titled “Paquette betrayed Michigan voters,” I criticized Paquette for signing on to an anti-democracy scheme to nullify the results of the 2020 Presidential Election. From that letter the following is excerpted:

“Michigan State Representative Brad Paquette, representing the 78th district, was one of fifteen Michigan Republican legislators who actively supported the bogus Texas lawsuit that was submitted to the US Supreme Court in an effort to nullify the November 3 election results in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Wisconsin. The goal of this lawsuit was to flip 62 electoral votes from Biden to Trump and change the winner of the election. Fortunately, the suit was soundly and unanimously rejected by the Supreme Court justices.

Due to the latest redistricting, I now reside in the 37th, which has as the Republican candidate for that seat none other than Brad Paquette. He can now potentially represent me in the Legislature, and as such, I feel his support for the meddling in Michigan’s and other state elections raises major concerns relative to his belief in our free and open election system. To this point I am not aware of any rational response brought forward by Mr. Paquette as to why and on what information he based his support of a dishonest lawsuit filed by the corrupt Attorney General of another state, which represented unfounded and unconstitutional efforts to discard the legally cast votes of millions of voters, including mine!

Brad Paquette is a threat to our democracy. He does not deserve to be re-elected.

Ed Shaffer


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