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Democrats are improving the lives of all Americans

Ed Shaffer, Letter to the Editor, 09/07/2022

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash


With the passage and signing of the Inflation Reduction Act, the Democrats have hammered some very solid stakes into the ground to support their fall election tent. The act provides key Medicare components allowing for reduction of medication prices. It defines larger premium subsidies for low and middle-income people insured under the Affordable Care Act. It contains incentives for individuals and corporations to help lower carbon emissions, including tax incentives for consumers to buy electric vehicles and electric utilities to invest in renewable energy sources such as wind or solar power.

The measure was made revenue positive (it will reduce the federal deficit) by inclusion of tax increases, mostly on large corporations, including a 15 percent corporate minimum tax and a new tax on company stock buybacks.

The Inflation Reduction Act passed in the Senate by a 51 to 50 margin, with zero Republican support.

Inflation Reduction is a continuation of bills pushed and passed by the Democrats this session of Congress that improve the lives of millions of American. These measures include the American Rescue Plan, infrastructure plan, gun-safety bill, semiconductor manufacturing, expanded health care for veterans exposed to burn pits and reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

In addition to a policy of almost uniform obstruction by the GOP Congressional members for all the afore-mentioned acts, a key aspect of Republican strategy is weakening or eliminating Medicare and Social Security and raising taxes on lower income folks.

Still kowtowing to the big lie, Trump endorsed candidates for state offices are looking to take control of voting regulations as well as attacking abortion, contraception and gay marriage rights.

Never has there been a US election with such a gap between the two major parties, and never has it been more important to vote Democratic and continue to expand programs that protect and improve the lives of all Americans!

Ed Shaffer

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