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Don’t vote for a convicted felon or his enablers

A foundational principle of our nation is that no one is above the law. No exceptions, not even former presidents.

Trump was convicted of criminally deceiving American voters in 2016 by making hush money payments to Stormy Daniels, a pornographic movie star who claimed Trump had sex with her soon after his wife had given birth to their son, and by then creating false business records to cover up those payments.

Trump’s illegal actions undoubtedly played a role in his winning the 2016 election. How ironic that the person who repeatedly accuses President Biden of “election interference” has now been convicted of that very crime.

Republican politicians claim to be strongly committed to “law and order”, but their reactions to Trump’s conviction make clear that they are not.

Representative Bill Huizenga, when asked about the verdict, undermined our justice system by referring to the trial as a “circus” and a “sham”. Representative Tim Walberg demeaned the jury’s verdict by calling the trial a “travesty”.

What these comments make clear is that neither Huizinga nor Walberg really care about the rule of law. The only thing they care about is blindly following Donald Trump, who is now a convicted felon. He wasn’t convicted by President Biden, or by “the Democrats”, he was convicted by a jury of his peers after a trial in a New York state court.

The Republican party seems intent on nominating a convicted criminal as their 2024 presidential nominee. The only way that we the people can prevent that criminal from ascending to the presidency is to vote for President Biden. The future of our democratic republic is very much at risk if we don’t.

Larry Feldman,

Aptos, California


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