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More Green Energy Please

Photo by @chelseadeeyo at Unsplash

The climate crisis is an urgent problem, calling for urgent solutions. I am so pleased that Governor Whitmer and the Democratic-majority Michigan House and Senate are moving strongly toward green energy solutions.


On November 28th, the governor signed a historic package of bills that will quadruple Michigan’s renewable energy standard, lower household utility costs, create thousands of new jobs, and protect Michigan’s air, water, and public health.


We must continue the work of ridding ourselves of fossil fuel dependency, just as we once stopped killing whales for oil and denuding our forests for wood fires. Solar and wind energy are critical parts of the climate solution.


My experience with solar energy has been extremely positive. With the help of the federal government I was able to fund my own solar panels in 2014. These panels have long since paid for themselves. Since I am “on the grid”, the electric company can use the excess electricity that I produce, which adds to their profitability. In the future it would be great if energy storage would allow me to be “off the grid”, so that power is not turned off when the electric grid shuts down. Our friends in Australia have developed the ability to re-use and recycle every bit of aging solar panels once they need to be replaced.

I continue to be concerned about counterproductive environmental constructs that impede progress. One area was the convoluted "connection" of 196 and I-94. The truck traffic in that convoluted maze of highways creates fuel and time loss while being dangerous. Another concern is the move toward small modular nuclear reactors, SMNs. Studies show they remain unsafe and should not be considered an alternative to green energy.

Please note that the utility companies are currently asking for rate hikes. How about some money instead to help property owners install solar panels or wind turbines? Much more green energy is needed in order to move forward in our efforts to resolve the climate crisis.  

Cindy Milller

Benton Harbor


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