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President Biden is the Right Choice

On Thursday, March 7th, President Biden clearly demonstrated why he is the right person to continue leading our nation. In his State of the Union address, the President was strong, energetic, knowledgeable, empathic, and caring. He was also sharp and quick-thinking, especially in response to the loud and rude heckling of Congressional Republican right-wing extremists.


In the address, President Biden highlighted his commitment to helping all Americans, not just the wealthiest few, achieve economic success. He also strongly supported women’s right to reproductive health care, reducing the cost of prescription drugs, strengthening Social Security and Medicare, and “giving teachers a raise”.


The President sounded an alarm about the threats to our democracy, foreign and domestic, and the urgency of standing up to vicious dictators like Vladimir Putin. He urged Republicans in the House to pass much-needed support for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. At the same time, he strongly lobbied for a 6 week cease fire between Israel and Hamas, so that food, medicine, and other supplies could safely be brought to the people of Gaza.


President Biden detailed the many benefits of the bipartisan Senate-passed bill to strengthen the U.S. southern border, and he urged the House to pass this bill as quickly as possible.


In dramatic contrast to the strength, clarity, wisdom, and caring that President Biden exhibited in his State of the Union address, the leader of the Republican party, Donald Trump, has continued to blatantly lie about the results of the 2020 election, the two civil court cases in which he was found liable for sexual assault, defamation and fraud, and the four criminal court cases in which he has been charged with 91 counts of illegal behavior.


President Biden is clearly the right choice.


Larry Feldman



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