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Official Symbol of Needless Death

Photo by Chip Vincent on Unsplash


AR-15 style rifles have taken the lives of an alarming number of children, adolescents, and adults in our nation. They are weapons of war and have no place in civilian society.

Some Congressional Republicans, however, who have a lot of time and nothing of importance on their agendas, have decided that what our country needs is to make the AR-15 the “national gun of the United States”. Representative Barry Moore, a right-wing extremist Republican congressman from Alabama, has introduced a dangerous bill that would glorify AR-15 style assault weapons by making them our “national gun.”

Co-sponsors of this bill are three other far-right extremist Republican representatives: Lauren Boebert (R-CO), Andrew Clyde (R-GA), and disgraced serial liar George Santos (R-NY). To add to the serious nature of this activity, these and other Republican representatives have been wearing AR-15 lapel pins during House sessions recently.

My take on this buffoonery is we do not need another symbol for our currency, flags or placards, especially one that is so closely tied to mass murders of our fellow Americans. This type of firearm has served its design purpose very well by efficiently killing or wounding large numbers of innocent people in record time. I don’t know how the purveyors of this bill can look at themselves in the mirror and see anything but a heartless opportunist void of human empathy.

This letter should serve as notice to Tim Walberg and Bill Huizinga, the Representatives for the people of Berrien County. Many of us who live in their districts will follow the progress of this dangerous bill, from committee through any vote to make it law, and will publicly and loudly take to task any demonstrated support for its passage.

America does not need an “official symbol of needless death!”.

Ed Shaffer



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