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State Laws Need to Regulate Gun Ownership

I think I speak for all people who live in Michigan, when I say that we are sick and tired of mass shootings in America….and in Michigan. One governor cannot make the difference, but voters can and should move on this issue by contacting their elected officials directly; particularly those serving in the House and Senate.

The federal government has laws in place to protect one’s right to own weaponry. We can, however, create state laws to protect human life here in Michigan. Any middle-schooler could write a paper on this issue, by suggesting that we:

  1. Require a license in order to purchase or own a gun. This license would verify that the owner has passed a safety course for that weapon, that the weapon is insured for any liability caused by that weapon, and that the weapon will be properly stored and/or locked at all times when not in use.

  2. The license of each firearm would have to be renewed every two to five years with proof of insurance provided.

  3. Safety devices should be required for each weapon. There are many types available. Manufacturers should be held accountable for not providing locks and safety information on each gun. It should be legal to sue manufacturers when guns do not have safety features on them.

  4. Guns would be required to be in a locked cabinet when not under the direct supervision of the owner. This means the owner is liable if a gun is used by another without permission.

  5. With rights come responsibilities. If one has broken the law, assaulted another person, or in some other way been considered a risk to self or others, no gun license nor the purchase of a weapon be allowed.

  6. A database should be kept throughout the state for licensing, as well as any application denied, in much the same way we keep other forensic information that is shared. This database should be able to be shared nationally once laws are passed at the national level. Many guns move from states with poor laws to those states who choose to be more responsible to their citizenry. Eventually we will need national laws.

  7. All ammunition should be signed for and tracked for size of sale and type of ammunition (about 43% of households have a weapon, and since we have more weapons than citizens, we have a right to know which of us is stocking up with large caches of weapons.)

Usually laws are forced when there is a need for them. We clearly have a need. Psychological damage being done to children who must practice live shooter drills as a matter of course, then forced to live with a fear they should not have to face, should be a shame resting heavily on the shoulders of adults.

Cynthia Miller

Benton Harbor


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