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The Republican Party Has Gone Off the Rails

I am concerned about the evolution of the current Republican party, in Michigan and nationally. In the election in November, the Republican Party lost so poorly that most of us can’t remember a time when they lost all statewide offices. On the national level, the Dems did much better than usual in an off presidential election when the Dems controlled the White House. They even increased their majority in the U. S. Senate.

On the local level in Berrien County, the Dems sent a congressman to the Legislature in Lansing for the first time since 1964. A group of MAGA Republicans in Berrien County tried to take over all the school boards in the county and were defeated, all except for one small board. They ran 24 people, and 20 of them lost. They were running on anti-vaccine, anti-mask, anti-transgender, anti-black history, and in general against many sound public health policies.

Now these same kinds of politicians have taken over the state Republican party by electing a person who lost her statewide election in November. Now she runs the Michigan Republican Party. This same kind of nonsensical behavior is being played out on the local level. These November losers have recently taken over the Berrien County Republican Party. They believe that they lost because they did not get enough support from the established Republicans.

When I go for medical help, I want the medical staff to give me the kind of treatment that is accepted by most of the medical profession, not the latest YouTube concoction. The same goes for schools and what they teach to our young people. I do not want the alternative fact people in control. The same goes for public safety like regulation of railroads, air travel and all public health regulations. My advice is that real conservatives need to take back the Republican party. Till then, vote for an alternative party. I would suggest the best alternative is to vote Democrat.

Kenneth Orlich

St. Joseph


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